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Download Driver Booster for Windows PC. Installing new Operating system, software and getting the drivers up to date is one of the most hectic jobs. Especially for novices, who do not know how to get the right drivers for specific software? You have to browse on Internet to match the software with the right driver, and there are chances, you would not get the right driver. Driver Booster is an application which is developed to provide you the right driver. You have no need to search for the right driver, or to find the driver name, just install this application, and rest will be upon this.

When the application gets installed, it automatically starts scanning your hardware, and provides you the options to get all drivers up to date.

Not only the application makes your drivers up to date, but it will also inspect all the installed drivers. As the outdated version of the drivers can harm your security, there may be some hidden windows or vulnerabilities which could be exploited, and in that case, you would get your private data leaked. So, the driver booster, install the latest version of a certain driver and notify you about the performances.

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You might be wondering, the application will consume the lots of your memory, or it will be difficult to handle it. This application uses the latest algorithm of driver compression. The driver’s packages available in driver booster would be at least 30% smaller than the original size, plus it reduces the download time.

If you are a busy bee and do not have enough time to manually update the driver, just run the driver in the idle time, and it will update all  required driver on your system.

You know the blue screen of death, where a blue screen appears after installing a new Windows, the only reason of it;installing outdated drivers on a computer. By having this application installed, the application will automatically detect the latest drivers and update about 1,000,000 outdated, missing or incorrect drivers.

Driver booster also enhances our gaming experience and decrease the loading time of the game when it gets stuck at a certain point.

It automatically detects the various gaming components and makes them available on your computer to install.

This single application will take care of your hardware and installed the driver. You just download the application, install it on your computer, and it will automatically retrieve the latest files to get the updated driver on your PC.

The features which make this application stand out in the massive crowd, the restoring points before installing the drivers.

You can create a restore point of your driver which you are going to update, and if you are not pleased with the latest version of the driver, you can get the previous version by just clicking on that restore option.

Driver booster application got a very friendly interface, and it makes the updating of the drivers very simple. All you need to just click the button, and get the right driver on your doorstep.

It gives you two options; you can see either the latest version of the driver available by reviewing option. And with update all button you can go with updating all the installed drivers.

You can also make the setting, automatically launching the driver booster when the Windows starts, the driver booster will automatically install the latest driver in the background without disturbing and notifying you.

Genuinely, Driver booster is one stop shop when it comes to driver problems on a PC, it provides the solution to every driver problem.

Download Driver Booster v5.4.0


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