Download Adobe Photoshop latest version for all Windows versions. Photoshop is the world’s popular photo editing & graphics designing software officially designed by Adobe Inc. You can get direct offline setup mode and install it on both Windows 32-bit & 64-bit operating systems. Make your online graphics projects effective and efficient through Adobe Photoshop.

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As you know Computers are surrounded by so many software’s. There are many types of software in which there is a lot of software about graphic editing and visuals. However, Adobe Photoshop is one of them. It was created by Thomas and John knoll in the year 1987. Moreover, it was published 31 years ago on February 19, 1988, by Adobe Inc. Also, Adobe Photoshop is a popular image and graphic editing software also known as a raster graphics editor.  This software has become the industry’s leading software because of its editing and composing raster images in multiple layers. Moreover, It supports several color models, masks, alpha including RGB, CIELAB, Spot color and lastly duotone. In addition, It uses its own file format to support these things. Also, this software has the ability to edit text vector graphics, 3D graphics, and videos.  Adobe Photoshop is available in 26 languages.

Download Adobe Photoshop Latest 2019 For Windows

Features of Adobe Photoshop

There are several types of features in Adobe Photoshop and the 10 most powerful of them are:

Photoshop – Layers:

Layers’ palette has the power to control anything and everything you are working on the document.


  • With the help of a layer palette, one can draw or design various elements of their documents independently in layers.
  • In addition, Lacking traditional painting methods.
  • Also, It has dominating features of the layer mask, blending modes, opacity, fill, group, and many others.

Selection Tools:

In PS selection tool was found in the toolbar. The first is marquee it is the most basic selection tool in Photoshop. Moreover, It controls the range of color and uses a pixel color sample. On the other hand, is Lasso tools that use manually pixel color and hands-free selection.
It makes life easy for photographer designers, graphic designers, and every professional associated with media.

Adobe Photoshop – Pen Tool:

It works with drawing paths with anchor points.
One can edit or draw any shape. Most importantly it is so helpful for designers.


It acts as an individual object within the document with its attribute to maintain the finest quality.

  • The shape layer can be easily edited and still retain its original quality.
  • Additionally, The color inside the path can be changed at any time.

Vector Mask:

It has its own importance.
It creates a masking portion for an object through a grayscale color combination.

  • The user can directly fill color to mask the intended area of an object.
  • To draw masking color with the help of brush tools and do many more things.

Retouching Tools:

Firstly, Retouching tools are an accumulation of various tools. Such as stamp tool, pattern stamp tool, spot healing tool, healing tool, redeye tool, patch tool, and many more. Furthermore, Every tool has its own importance.
Uniquely help photographers and graphic designers to solve their problems. Reduce work time

Photoshop 3D:

As a matter of fact, through Photoshop 3D, users can directly import 3 Dimensional objects into Photoshop.
Moreover, It pays the attribute that today Photoshop is industry-leading software in multimedia and graphic designing.

  • You can make a series of 3D objects and also choose the facial expression or pose from animation.
  • In addition, you can create 3 Dimensional objects and texture them on the same layout.

Smart Objects:

Smart objects rescue files. Moreover, It remembers the data of the image file. And bring the data back to the original form after resizing the object.
A smart object helps to save effort and time. By remembering the changes and applying the same changes to the object if used again or anywhere else.

Adobe Creative Cloud:

Adobe’s best feature is “Creative Cloud”. If one has access to Adobe Photoshop CC. They have access to Photoshop entire system.
Moreover, There was a culture for everyone to wait for almost 2 years for an update in Adobe Photoshop. But after introducing CC the wait and anxiety were over for the users of this software.
The CC feature lets you know about the upcoming updates. In addition, one can install them before the majority even knows if the specific update exists.

Slice Tool:

It snips the images into the slice to reduce the loading time of a website. Also, It plays the most important role in the development of web technology.
Help users to access a website quickly and effectively.

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System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Core 2 Duo processor
  • Minimum 500 MB RAM required
  • Need free space in Hard Disk

How to Download & Install Adobe Photoshop?

  • First of all, click the above-mentioned download button to get a Photoshop setup.
  • Wait for download, when downloading completed click to run the installer file.
  • If the file in zip form you must be Extract it through WinRAR or other software.
  • Follow Adobe photoshop terms & conditions in front of your screen.
  • Also, click on the install button to start the installation.
  • Setup will take a few minutes for the installation of photoshop on the computer.
  • When Adobe Photoshop successfully installed on your computer then click the Finish button to close a tab.
  • Congratulations, Photoshop complete setup installed on your windows computer.
  • Enjoy, photo editing, online editing, graphics designing, web designing, and much more.

Therefore, As one knows, nowadays Adobe Photoshop is the leading industry software. This is because of its creativity, its unparalleled editing features, and lastly ease of editing different types of image format.

If you want to free download Adobe Photoshop any version on your windows then follow the above-mentioned download button.


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