Windows 7 Service Pack Download: Download Service Pack 1 free for Windows 7 operating system. You can get full offline installer setup Service pack one windows seven on Win-7 32-bit & 64-bit. It is licensed as freeware for Windows 7 computers and laptops. Feel free to download without paying the cost.

SP1 (Windows Seven Service Pack)

If you are using Windows seven but not service back then it will be a big miss. SP1 is essential to update for windows 7 that includes performance, stability, and security improvements for windows seven. As well as a bunch of new features, many of them under the hood like bug fixing as well as refinements to what was already in place. In short, we use SP that stands for Service Pack, which is a collection of different features, enhancements, fixes, and so forth. The response time in the major process is also top-notch. It provides an Operating system leading up to it.

Download Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows 7 32bit & 64bit

It doesn’t require much user interaction. But in the process, it might require rebooting your PC once or twice to make sure its performance and betterment. After completion of the process, the Computer will be up to date, and install programs will be ready to use just as you left them before the interruption of the process.

Key Features of SP1

  • Keep windows seven update  and get ongoing Updates
  • Ensure and enhance security, stability, and performance
  • Easiest Service pack deployment model for better IT efficiency
  • Provide users with great business mobility
  • Easily runs multiple updates at once
  • Compatible with window seven only.
  • Free to download and install
  • Supported both 32-bit and 64-bit
  • RemoteFX and Dynamic Memory


  • Long installation
  • Restart needed once or twice
  • Some features are invisible to users

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Before Installing Windows Service Pack 1

Check if already installed:

Before beginning the installation process of SP1. Firstly check if windows seven SP1 is already installed on your computer. For this select, the start button, then right-click Computer and select Properties. Check-in Windows edition if Service Pack 1 is listed then SP1 is already installed on your computer.

Check PC 32-bit or 64-bit:

Check what version of window seven you have. You need to know if you are using 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64). For this Select, the Start Button, right-click Computer, and then select Properties. You can see the version of your Windows seven.

Disk Space Requirements

For installing and perfect functioning of SP1 there are some system requirements.

For Windows update:

  •  x86-based (32-bit): 750 MB (Estimated amount of free disk space needed)
  • x64-based (64-bit): 1050 MB (Estimated amount of free disk space needed)

For Downloading SP1 from the Microsoft website

  • x86-based (32-bit): 4100 MB(Estimated amount of free disk space needed)
  •  x64-based (64-bit): 7400 MB(Estimated amount of free disk space needed)

Back up important files

Before installing updating, it’s a good idea to backup all your important data to any external source like USB flash drive, hard disk, virtual computer or cloud drives, etc.

Plugin and connect to the Internet

This download or installation might take too long make sure your computer is plugged into power to avoid any battery issue. Also connected to the internet and have enough data.

Disable antivirus software

There are some antivirus software or window defender features that might prevent SP1 from installing or most probably slow down the Sp1 installation. Make sure you re-enable the antivirus software as soon as SP1 is installed otherwise it can be risky.

You can install Windows 7 SP1 using Windows Update or can do it by following.

Downloading and installing Windows SP1 from the Microsoft Download Center

  • You can directly install a package from the Microsoft Download Center. Then can install SP1 manually.
  • Go to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 download page (Microsoft Website).
  • Select install instructions to see packages and select the needed one.
  • Select language and then click download.
  • Then follow installation instructions (Next). you might need to restart your computer a few times.
  • After SP1 installation, sign in to your computer. Now, you’ll see a notification of the successfully Sp1 installation.

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Re-enable your antivirus for the safety of your computer.


You should move to Windows 10 PC for the most updated security services and better OS performance and stability. As was announced the support of windows seven is ending on 14, January 2020.

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