Download Yandere Simulator Latest Version: Initially this video game is only available for Windows versions. But users wish to play the Yandere Simulator on Mac PC. Now the developer has launch Yandere Mac Launcher. Here on this page, we are sharing the direct official download link on the right side of this page. Simply follow the link by clicking and get your desire OS to link Yandere Simulator. Download Yandere Simulator Offline Installer.

Yandere Simulator:

Yandere Simulator is a shareware action video game available for Windows & Mac OS. It’s a single-player video game developed by YanderDev. Download Yandere Simulator for Windows PC & Mac PC.

The beautiful online action game Yandere Simulator published & designed by the YandereDev system. Before going to download and install the Yandere Simulator game on your PC must check & read the full story of this viral action game. Yandere Simulator action game contains in the ZIP package latest version. Get the game and extract the zip file to find the offline installer of the Yandere Simulator video game.

Keep Yandere Simulator’s latest version free without any cost. The important feature Launcher option has to create installation & updating process very easy and simple for everyone. No need to follow the long process or tutorials. Yandere Simulator Launcher option has the ability to install & update the latest versions automatically. It offers the automatic update process for your system.

In this action video simulator game, there is an innocent look girl but has a criminal mind. The girls assume to be an innocent schoolgirl but she uses unethical techniques to crush other girls. Presenting the developers of this game Yandere Simulator, it’s not yet completely finished and only 50% of the task has been completed. So, if you wanna download and install the Yandere Simulator 2019 action game on your Computer then follow an instruction to get without any investment.

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Features of Yandere Simulator Game:

  • Simple and easy usage
  • Not yet completed a game
  • Only 50 % of work completed
  • Missing Some features
  • Currently on development
  • Debug build uses placeholder graphics & animations
  • Better graphics & animations
  • The game is not applicable for children
  • Launcher & Zip has options to download & install
  • Very low-quality images used in the game
  • Much more

Download Yandere Simulator for Windows:

The latest version of the Yandere Simulator online action game for all Windows versions. It supports both Windows 32-bit & Windows 64-bit Operating systems. The game is accessible for free download directly from its official webpage. Simply follow all instructions to get the Yandere Simulation girl action game for Windows PC.  Download Yandere simulator. Some of the supported Windows operating systems are as follow.

  • Windows Vista both 32-bit & 64-bit, Windows XP both 32-bit & 64-bit
  • Windows 7 both 32-bit & 64-bit, Windows 8 both 32-bit & 64-bit, Windows 8.1 both 32-bit & 64-bit,             Windows 10 both 32-bit & 64-bit

Download Yandere Simulator For Mac:

The latest version of the Yandere Simulator online action game for all Mac versions. It supports OS X 10.7 or later Operating system. Now it is accessible for free download directly from its official webpage. Simply follow all instructions to get the Yandere Simulation girl action game for MAC PC.

System Requirements:

How to Download Yandere Simulator?

  1. Search on your internet browser to get yandere sim download.
  2. And then click to Open Yandere Simulator free download for windows & mac.
  3. Read the complete description of the Yandere dev game.
  4. After that follow blue color Download Latest Version button to proceed to download page.
  5. scroll down and click on your desired Operating System download link.
  6. The file will take a few minutes to download.
  7. Finally launch yandere from your download folder and click on the install button to install.
  8. Enjoy. Thanks for downloading Yandere sim download from our website.

Yandere Simulator Controls:

See the below screenshots to get knowledge about Yandere sim controls through keyboard and gamepad.

For Keyboards Controls:

yandere simulator controls

                                                               yandere keyboard controls

For GamePad Controls:

yandere controls

                                                       Gamepad yandere controls

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