The free add-in Kutools for Excel will help you do a wide variety of tasks in Microsoft Excel, from combining sheets to converting formulas to text. It adds 300 different advanced functions to Excel, including the ability to merge cells without losing data, paste only to visible cells, and count cells by color. Once installed, you’ll be able to use these tools quickly and easily. You can find the new tool in the “Menu Bar”. You may Download office 2010 free.

The Kutools installer can be downloaded from the link above. Double-click the installer to begin installing the software on your computer. Once the installation process is complete, you can start using Kutools. You’ll be able to use Kutools for Excel as soon as you finish the installation. It is important to note that you’ll need Excel 2007 or later to use the program. If you’re using an older version of Excel, Kutools for Excel will not work.

Once the install is complete, you’ll want to enable the new features. You can also use the Reading Layout feature to highlight an entire column of data. This will help you see the exact data you’re looking for. After enabling the new features, click the “Export” button. Alternatively, you can open Excel and choose “Export” to see the new features. This will open a new window in Excel, with Kutools installed.

You can now use the application to perform your own analyses. As long as you have a Windows 10 PC and a good uninstaller, Kutools for Excel will run perfectly on your computer. You can also share your experience with the app with others by posting a comment below. Check Office 365 Customization Tool 2022.

Features and Highlights

  • List all open workbooks within a pane.
  • Minimize the ribbon with one click.
  • List all worksheet names of a workbook within a pane.
  • Show or hide the horizontal scrollbar.
  • List all columns and titles of a worksheet within a pane.
  • Minimize the ribbon, hide the status bar, formula bar, and ribbon with one click.
  • Show or hide page breaks.
  • Easily set or limit a scrolling area in an active worksheet.
  • Interactively hide or unhide multiple workbooks and worksheets at one time.
  • Select a cell or multiple cells randomly.
  • Insert a unique sequence number.
  • Convert values store as number into a text.
  • Swap two columns or two same size ranges.
  • Insert a specific number of blank rows at a specified interval.

Using it to alter text in cells

Using Kutools for Excel to insert, remove, and edit text in cells. You can use them to make text appear or disappear, as well as to extract email addresses. Using Kutools is easy and time-saving. There are plenty of features and options to choose from, but most people will never use them. However, this program does provide several useful tools, including the ability to add and edit hyperlinks in cells.

The Kutools tab in Excel allows you to use advanced features of the program to automate and simplify work with Excel. It allows you to save multiple snapshots of your working state so that you can undo changes whenever you want. This way, you can add and delete data, view and manipulate data without having to worry about accidentally deleting or altering the data. This makes the entire process of editing or deleting a cell a simple and quick task.

When modifying data in a cell, Kutools for Excel has an inbuilt function called Text. The function has two parts: value and format_text. In cell C2, you can use the formula Text (B2, “0”).

Another function of the Kutools utility is the ability to insert formatted dates into cells. You can also add text prefixes, specify the number of digits you need, and rearrange cells in random order. Also, ycan even process and reorder selected cells in random order, and fill blank cells with values. Kutools for Excel makes editing cells fast and easy.

You can use Kutools to change the text in cells without changing the original content. And compare two cells with each other in case sensitive manners. Kutools allows you to protect multiple worksheets with the same password, and you can use the same password for all the protected cells.

Using it to combine multiple worksheets or workbooks

To combine worksheets from a workbook, go to the File menu and select Combine Worksheets from a variety of files. In the resulting dialog box, choose a name for the combined workbook, and then click OK. The result will be a single Excel file with the information from all selected worksheets. If you have many workbooks, merge them into one workbook using Kutools for Excel.

Using the excel tool to combine several worksheets or workbooks is easy, and it makes the process of combining multiple workbooks or worksheets a breeze. The program allows you to edit formulas, remove hyphens, replace range names, and more. You can even split a range into multiple sheets using the Import/Export/Print feature, and insert a paging subtotal if you choose.

Using Kutools to combine several worksheets or workbooks allows you to merge the data from several workbooks into one file. It includes a wide range of operations that enable you to do many different tasks. In addition to merging multiple workbooks, you can reverse the order of data by changing the number of columns in one sheet. You can also change the formatting of a range by changing the number of cells in another worksheet.

Ku tools enables you to save many working snapshots. Once you make changes, you can roll back to the previous state by pressing F4 at the appropriate time. Ku tools enable you to change data and workbooks without worrying about damaging your original workbooks. In this way, you can ensure that all your workbooks are in the right format and keep your workbooks organized.

Using it to secure multiple workbooks

To consider encrypting multiple workbooks in a folder using VBA code. Kutools has an Encrypt Workbooks feature that enables you to encrypt a batch of worksheets in the same folder or OneDrive. It is also possible to protect multiple worksheets with the same password.

After installing the add-in, open the Excel document and click on the Kutools tab. A security bar will appear on the right-hand side of the window. This bar shows which workbooks have been encrypted. Once the dialog box opens, select the checkbox next to the password box. You can then set the permission level for each worksheet.

If you want to protect your workbooks from theft, you need to secure them its an effective way to do this. The tool has numerous features that will help you make MS Excel richer and more complex. Besides encrypting multiple workbooks, it also allows you to insert date/time stamps and current user information. It also includes a feature that optimizes worksheets and workbooks.

When it comes to secure workbooks, you can download Kutools for Excel from our website. Once you have installed the application, you will be able to use it on MS Excel. You can find it in the “Menu Bar” in MS Excel. The app allows you to save multiple snapshots of the working state of your Excel document. Using Kutools for Excel to secure multiple workbooks is a smart move that will prevent malicious actors from gaining access to your workbooks.

Lastly, either you can insert formatted dates into cells, insert text prefixes and choose the number of digits for numbers. Additionally, you can round numbers using functions or Format Cells commands. In Excel, you can also use Kutools to format and convert your data in a variety of formats. The Excel utility also allows you to convert text into a range of different formats, including PDF. You can even reorder selected cells and insert sequences of integers, and you can also use this tool to change the appearance of blank cells.


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