Logitech Gaming Software Download

Logitech Gaming Software Download

Updated: July 13, 2021

Logitech Gaming software download is available at Logitech’s official support page. Logitech gaming software download automatically detects the operating system of your PC. Also, it is compatible with Windows and MAC operating systems. It is recommended to choose manually to avoid downloading the wrong version.

Logitech download page tells you about software version, last update, compatible OS, and Logitech G hub download size. Afterward, just install and run the software, it automatically detects and adds the connected devices at the portal screen.

Logitech Gaming Software Overview

Logitech is a Swiss-based company, one of the largest PC peripherals and software manufacturers in the world. They develop a variety of products like mice, keyboards, speakers, webcams, and software interfaces that are being distributed worldwide. This name Logitech is derived from the French word “logiciel”, which means software.

Furthermore, the world-famous company name, Logitech expects Japan where it is working with another name, Logicool. The company was founded in 1981 by Daniel Borel (Stand ford University), Pierluigi Zappacosta (Stand ford University), and Giacomo Marini (Former Engineer, Olivetti). Although the company is well known for its gaming technology, there are several other technologies company is investing like motion control technology and universal remote technology. This company has also acquired many well-known companies since its foundation. There is a long list of those companies like;

Logitech Gaming Software Free Download

                                                                Free Game Software

  • Ultimate Ears, in-ear monitors, and Bluetooth speaker manufacturer
  • Mirial, a visual communication provider
  • Life-Size, video conferencing equipment producer
  • Astro Gaming, Gaming Headphone maker
  • Stream labs, live streaming software developers

According to the 2018 report, this company has more than 7 thousand employees and it acts as a holding company for four daughter companies that are 3Dconnexion, Mirial, Sight Speed, and Slim Devices. With more than 7 thousand employees, the company concluded the year 2019 with almost 2.8 billion US dollars as the company’s revenue. The company streams its product line in 10 different categories with every category has its own brand name like for video gaming products, the brand name is Logitech G, in Japan it is known as Logicool G.

Logitech G – Gaming Brand of Logitech International

One of many daughter companies of Logitech, Logitech G focuses on the production and innovation of gaming products. The world of video games is evolving every day and this company is meeting every challenge. Logitech G is creating new possibilities in the gaming world with the passage of time. This company is seeking the invention of new technologies and advancement in software interfaces with the collaboration of many industries. Logitech G assumes gaming as a way of their life and that showcases their passion for play. To ensure their presence on the apex of the gaming industry, Logitech G working with major gaming developers. The company is also investing to gather individual pros, pro teams, and athletes to create the gear with the latest technology.

Logitech G Products

Logitech gaming software or gaming hub acts as a single portal that provides a total gear control facility. All supported Logitech G gears like gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and webcams can be controlled and customize using this gaming portal. It automatically detects all games you have already installed in your system and displays those games on the profile screen. There are three simple steps of playing with Logitech G software;

  • Creating Game Profiles:

Software showcase all the installed games on the profiling case. You can create more than one profile for each game on the basis of different gaming modes or different gaming characters. You can edit and rename that profile. The selected profile name is written as an active profile at the top of the menu bar.

  • Controlling Your Gaming Stream:

You have full access to integrate the third-party app, for example, OBS using the feature name, Actions. After the integration, while playing shortcuts can be created for different commands to other applications. These commands can be muting/unmuting microphones, switching between scenes, and starting screen recording.

  • Adjusting and Syncing Lightening:

By using the light-sync animation editor, you can select the built-in animations or customize them as per your choice. You can have locked those animations for all connected devices or you can have different animations for every connected device.

Logitech Gaming Mouse

The company has sold more than one billion mice in the first 23 years of its production. The noticeable thing is company sold these 1 billion mice during a time when PC games are not that popular in most of the world. This gaming mouse is considered the most selling product of Logitech. This fact then forces the company to go for more and more innovation not only in the sensor’s technology but also in the shape of the mouse. Logitech has now produced a wise verity of wired and wireless mice that help the company to win many international awards for bringing innovation in the shape and sensors of the mouse. G series Mice have 5 considerable features that are;

  • Lighting
  • Power
  • Connectivity
  • Sensor type
  • Mouse color

Logitech Gaming Mouse G502:

Logitech Game Mouse

G502 Mouse

A high-performance mouse of its type has no match with an ordinary gaming mouse. The key features of this mouse are HERO sensor technology, 11 fully programmable buttons, and adjustable weight. Download Logitech Gaming mouse. HERO sensor is the most accurate and best responsiveness sensor ever built in the world of video games. 11 buttons give ease to configure commands and macros as per the player’s sequence of play. You can switch between the setting and set the profile as ready to play. Indicator lights help you to know which setting or profile you are in. The company provides five 3.6g weights. This mouse can be inserted in front/back, left/right, and bottom of the mouse. It means you have full authority to adjust the weight of the mouse to increase your playing performance. G502 mouse is the best Logitech Gaming mouse for every game.

Instructions to Make a Macro with Logitech Gaming Software?

First of all, select the profile in which you want to make a macro. After that go to the commands menu. In the commands menu table, click on add command icon. Command Editor Window opens. Select command type and then name that command. Click the start recording option and then click the command button you want to repeat for up and down both, like the spacebar for the jump. Stop recording the macro and then click the add button. Created a macro successfully, it will be displayed in the command menu bar. Just drag and release that button on a specific button to use it in-game.

How to Use Logitech Gaming Software?

Logitech is easy to use gaming software. It automatically detects and creates the default profile of the installed games. You can also create more than one profile for each game as per game characters or mods. Logitech gaming software also has the ability to detect the connected devices and automatically add those on the portal screen. You can choose any device to customize its setting. At the top right corner of the portal screen, there is a setting icon that provides you information about the current version and gives you access to upcoming updates.

How to Uninstall Logitech Gaming Software?

You can uninstall Logitech gaming software in many ways as per your OS. But we will tell you the universal way to uninstall the software. Open up the start menu, go to the control panel. Click programs and features which showcase all the installed software. Search Logitech gaming software and double click it. It will open a pop-up window that requires your confirmation to uninstall the software. Click yes to continue with the uninstallation.

How to Update Logitech Gaming Software?

Open the Logitech gaming software, you will see a settings icon at the top right corner of the portal screen. Click it, you will see current software details along with a check for updates button. Click this button, Logitech software then searches online for an updated version. If an updated version of the software available it asks for confirmation to download the latest update otherwise it displays “no update available”.

How to download and install Logitech?

No need for any installation process, the software will start downloading automatically after clicking on the link and naming the software. After downloading, the software will automatically install itself when you click on the download file. Simply click the above-mentioned download button to get a direct download link for Windows 32/64 bit OS. Free Download Logitech Best Gaming software right now.

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