ManyCam free webcam software download: ManyCam app is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. But ManyCam is also available as an android application in the play store to use in your android phone. Apple iPhone users can also get this application from Apple App Store.

To download it on your PC, open your web browser first. Search ManyCam software and open ManyCam official website. Click the download button from the top menu bar of the website. It will lead you to download a page where it will ask where you want to download the software like Windows, Mac, Android. After clicking on your selected operating system, the download will be automatically started. This software is easy and simple to use, and very simple steps follow to install. You can free download ManyCam Pro software is completely free.

ManyCam Webcam Software:

ManyCam as the name suggests it’s a software for all the tasks in which camera is the core thing used. It let you use your web camera to have a tremendous diverse video streaming and video calling applications. It allows you to add graphics during your video call streaming like varying the face look of yours and changing the color of your eyes and hairs. Many filters can also be added. It provides a good user experience for both windows and mac computers. Its several versions are available for a lifetime and annual licensing. At the start, ManyCam was published as free software. We know that each application and software use a specific input device, ManyCam uses a web camera as a way of feeding. ManyCam works well with almost all chat software which uses alternative video sources because it reproduces itself as an alternative source of input.

As discussed earlier that it was published as unpaid software but now it is upgraded to pro i.e. ManyCam pro and this updated ManyCam is paid. It is equipped with multiple advanced features. It provides a professional level of the studio to the user to create a high level of live streaming videos with good professional ethics. There are several effects creating modules available for different tasks like module for images introduction, modules for adding videos, and the modules for converting videos and images to the ManyCam-friendly format. Some modules for background designing and face effects are also available. ManyCam has the data and record of nearly 10,000 webcam video possessions in which many of the effects are accorded by the users.

Visicom Media Inc Manycam App:

is a leading developer of internet applications. It was founded in 1996 in Brossard, Quebec. They provide services worldwide on 2nd October 2013 the Visicom media Inc procure the assets of ManyCam LLC. After few months i.e. on 12th December 2013, the updated version of ManyCam for windows was published i.e. version 4.0. It comes up with enhanced features and improved results than already released versions. It was updated with some new features and new interfaces. The more broadcasting features were introduced in recently released minor versions of ManyCam. For example, the ability to stream and broadcast YouTube videos and live events and a new RTMP that provides services to directly broadcast to the required sites. ManyCam published a mobile app as well which helps the user to have the wonderful experience of ManyCam by using the mobile camera as a video source.

ManyCam Effects:

There are more than 15 thousand effects are available in ManyCam. All these effects can be downloaded from the ManyCam official website. It is really easy to download and apply an effect. Just open the ManyCam official website, click on the Resources button on the top of the menu bar. A drop-down list will appear. Click on the effects button, it will lead you to the new page where you can download any effect.

All these effects are sorted by catalog wise. You can go to a specific catalog to find the related effects. You can also create your own effects too. To create your own effect, scroll down the effect page of the ManyCam website. You will find the create effects option at the last of the catalog list. Click on this button, it will open a new page. Fulfill all the requirements to publish your new effect. Check Live Streaming Software Download.

ManyCam Alternatives:

There are several alternatives to ManyCam software which can perform the same functions like ManyCam such as;

  • Facebook/YouTube Streaming
  • Changing Background
  • Screen Casting
  • Live Gaming Stream
  • Video Recording etc.

There are several other software that offers the same features. Some of that software is;

  • Webcam MAX – Adding/Recording videos and photos. Broadcasting and screencasting are main features
  • KdenLive – Open source, freeware with multi-tracking editing, and video audio syncing feature.
  • CamTwist – Multiple effects for video calls. Screencasting and image sharing are key features
  • YouCam – Compact studio for live calls and broadcasts. Software is free with basic features.

ManyCam for Windows and Mac:

ManyCam is available for both Windows and Mac. All features are included in both categories. It provides educational and business solutions while running in both operating systems. There are some system requirements for windows and Mac which are required to be ensured to use ManyCam.

System Requirements for Windows:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, & 10.
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • Intel Core I3 or greater
  • Microsoft Window 7 or above
  • Up to date graphic card
  • High-speed internet connection

System Requirements for Mac:

The following are the below certain requirements for Manycam virtual webcam mac.

  • Mac Osx or later
  • Compatible with only Intel Mac
  • Firefox web browser
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Mac OS 10.11 or above.

ManyCam Crack:

There are several cracks are available for each version and update separately. Many tools that are required for the cracking of that software can be found from various websites. These tools may include Key-Gen or Key generator, Patch, and loader. All these tools unlock or remove different features of ManyCam. Like when the free trial period is going to end, a key-Gen tool of this software is used to crack the license key or serial number or activation key. So that users must not buy the activation code for further use of software in the future.

Loader cracks are used to load all the executable programs which are not included in the current package of ManyCam software. If there is an update required to be installed or there are some security issues or bugs in software, patching cracks are used to bypass all such scenarios.

Along with all these cracks, there are several other cracks that exist, called pro cracks, which provides useful additional features of the software. These features are not released by the company itself. But a third party vendor released it.

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Manycam APK Download:

Manycam APK Download the latest version for all Android & Tablet devices. At the very beginning Manycam is only available for Windows & Mac PCs. But nowadays you can download & install it on your smartphone from the play store or any external server. Even if you want to direct download its apk version then you can get easily from here. This software actually allows us to do video calls, audio calls, and different video streaming applications. Through device webcam you will be able to do any type of chatting quickly with having an internet connection.

Is Manycam Safe or Not?

Most of the users think about Manycam software is safe or not. So, For your good knowledge, Manycam is licensed as freeware and completely safe software and webpage. This single-cam software achieves all your streaming dreams once you have installed it on PC. Feel free to download and install, it totally safe from viruses. Download Manycam right now.

How to install Manycam Live Streaming?

There are three simple steps to successfully installed Manycam on PC to run the program. Those three steps are listed below…

  1. Download Manycam offline installer on your PC.
  2. Go to your PC download folder to find and double click on the program to install.
  3. When the installation completed open the software on computer to enjoy live streamings.

In short, ManyCam is among the best live video tools. More than 80 million software downloads indicate the trust of the people. ManyCam can connect to different online platforms to enhance your experience regarding video call and broadcasting. It provides a solution to almost every class, from education to gaming and from business to Tele-health. It has more than 15K effects that include 3D masks and facial effects. There are many other key features of this software like you can easily change the background of your videos and live streams.

Although ManyCam is free to download, it comes with three different price plan to use it after free trial. You can choose these price plans for annual bases or for a lifetime. All these plans differ in the number of features included too.

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