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Download Microsoft Windows Defender v1.1.1593 Latest Version for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8.1: Windows’ security has always been a priority for Microsoft. Though the built-in antivirus or what you call it defender was not that strong before. In Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows 8, the rating was not that good and people have to rely on third-party anti-virus programs to make the security up to date. With Windows 10, and later version of Windows 8, Windows defender took an upward trajectory and excels in its performances. According to the AV test institute, the Windows defender has become one of the top-rated anti-virus programs. While checking its criteria under protection, performance, and usability.

It is a good quality protection application now. It is passed and certified by the biggest organization in the niche.

Though the application comes inbuilt in Windows, and you just go to the section and enable it. But, sometimes, the app just does not work, or pop-up. In that case, you will have to get this application manually and install it on your Windows computer.

Spyware detection and removal:

Online security was not that important before, in an earlier version of the Windows we use to download a third-party anti-virus application. Like Kaspersky, Avast and others to make the security up to date.

But, now Windows is full in the swing and providing round the clock protection and spyware removal facility to the users.

A very simple to use and improved in the interface application just hit the nail.

Though you can have another third party application whilst use Windows defender and there is no collapse happened.

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The application provides you with spare detection, and in the action center or Windows Defender icon. You can have the notification regarding detecting the spyware or malicious codes. So, that in your spare time, you could delete or remove those malicious codes by yourself.

Internet browsing safety:

Windows Defender is enhanced by SpyNet. An online community that brings windows defender users to come together and share information.

Now, you get the improved internet browsing safety- you know that AV-Test Institute gives 5.5 ratings to its protection abilities. And it is considered the best rating; this application potentially can bring browsing safety while using the internet.

User Interface:

AV-Test Institute gave 6 point rating over the usability of the application. Like you have seen Kaspersky a good rated anti-virus application, but create panic while using it on the computer.

Windows defender, on the other hand, good a great interface, a user can have simple navigation. Get to know the latest security status of the device.

You can go with the manually scanning, scheduled scanning, and thorough scanning of your computer with simple to-go options.

Protection against latest threats:

Windows defender features real-time protection, a monitoring system that keeps a close eye on your system and detects spyware or malicious codes.

Windows defender was awarded 6 point rating over its protection by AV-Test Institute.

The protection against the latest threats, latest Trojans, and new methods deployed by the seekers and hackers are not under complete control of Windows Defender.

If you really want to get a potential anti-virus application to make your system secure, no better application than Windows defender is in the market. Download it for your computer, in case your defender is not working.

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