If you’re a Windows user who wants to protect your online identity and personal data, PrivadoVPN Download for PC may be the perfect solution. You can use this free VPN service to access region-locked content on any continent. The main window shows your current IP address and suggests locations where you can access the content. It also offers an optional kill switch to protect your internet connection.

PrivadoVPN is a free VPN service

While most free virtual private network services are fairly basic, PrivadoVPN has some features that make it stand out from the crowd. For example, it has no ads and gives its users 10GB of data per month. Furthermore, it works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and boasts a global network of servers. In addition, Privado is also compatible with most browsers, including Firefox, Opera, and Chrome.

privadovpn for pc


PrivadoVPN offers several advantages, including a strict no-logging policy, and servers in 45 countries. Additionally, this service does not log your data, and there are no ads on its website or its client. While it isn’t perfect, Privado does take privacy seriously, and its servers are hosted in Switzerland. This means that if there is a problem with your VPN connection, the Swiss government will be able to help you.

However, you may want to consider the premium plan if you intend to watch Netflix in the United States. PrivadoVPN allows you to unblock US Netflix, as does Windscribe, but you won’t be able to use torrents or watch foreign Netflix libraries through PrivadoVPN. Fortunately, the premium plans come with money-back guarantees and unlimited traffic.

The free VPN is usually limited in data usage and the number of devices. They also limit the amount of bandwidth that you can use, which makes them useless for torrenting and streaming video. In addition, a free VPN service is often unreliable if you want extra security, easy support, and a large range of servers.

Features & Highlights

  • Hide your identity.
  • Unlimited speed & data.
  • Super fast servers.
  • P2P speeds.
  • Free of cost.
  • Advanced VPN tunneling feature.
  • Access to block websites & content.
  • Easy and simple UI.
  • Support for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, FireTV, & Android TV.
  • Fastest Windows VPN.
  • Free to download.
  • More.

PrivadoVIP uses IKEv2 & OpenVPN

PrivadoVPN is a free VPN service that uses IKEv2 and OpenVPN technology to secure your internet connection. Its Windows application is lightweight and optimized for the latest 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows. It also supports multiple connections on mobile devices, such as Android and iOS, and Fire TV and Android TV. Users can connect to any server in the world via the Privado VPN application, no matter where they are located.

Although IKEv2 is not as secure as OpenVPN, this VPN service still maintains excellent security. It prioritizes accuracy over speed. It uses a modified version of the IPSec protocol, known as IKEv2, to compare data received to a list of expected values. As a result, it can deliver much faster transfers while still maintaining excellent security. IKEv2 is a proven protocol, having been in circulation for years. It was originally used to securely transfer classified documents.

This VPN service also offers a free version with no kill switch, no logs, and no logs. In addition, Privado VPN has a better country selection feature. Just tap on any country to connect instantly. Lastly, it provides automatic updates, which are nice.

PrivadoVPN offers several servers and has a free version with a good data limit. However, if you don’t need to use the service all the time, it’s better to find another service that offers unlimited data. But make sure you choose a VPN service that offers a trial period so you can determine which one is best for you.

It offers region-locked content on any continent

While the internet was intended to be the last word on content access, some countries and regions simply do not have access to certain content. This is known as region-locked content, and it means that certain websites and content are only available in specific locations. Thankfully, PrivadoVPN can unblock region-locked content from all continents. While this may seem like an unnecessary hassle, it is actually one of the most important benefits of a VPN.

While most PrivadoVPN servers are in Europe, it has some locations in every continent except for Africa. Besides allowing users to access content from the entire world, the secure software also features a no-logs policy and SOCKS5 proxy servers, which are essential for efficient P2P sharing. The free version is available without any payment, but it only provides 10GB of monthly bandwidth. Streaming traffic can also be accessed via Privado’s secure virtual private network.

Another key factor that sets Privado apart from the competition is its smaller server network. This service has 58 physical locations in 45 countries, rather than the usual dozens of virtual servers. While this may seem less than ideal, this does not mean that it isn’t reliable. While it isn’t the biggest VPN service available, Privado’s speed is excellent. It’s definitely worth a shot, but you should consider a few things before you decide to sign up for a subscription.

It offers an optional kill switch

A virtual private network needs to be secure and reliable, and Privado VPN for pc offers top-tier 256-bit encryption. In addition to the top-level encryption,  offers a Kill Switch, which prevents data transmission in the event of a lost connection. In addition, Split Tunnelling allows you to decide which parts of your data are transmitted through the VPN. Whether or not to use the kill switch is up to you.

Kill switches are very useful for internet users, especially for those using public Wi-Fi. If you’re at a public Wi-Fi hotspot, for example, a reboot can leave you completely disconnected from the VPN. Moreover, software updates can change the auto-boot settings, making data loss a real concern.

Besides the kill switch, Privado has many useful features. Most VPNs operate in a similar way, but their basic features differ slightly. One of its best features is its user-friendly layout and easy-to-use interface. The VPN client offers a variety of protocols, kill switches, auto-start options, and account settings. Its server network spans the globe, and you can connect to hundreds of servers in 45 countries.

Because no virtual private network is perfect, it’s best to choose a service with a kill switch. A kill switch stops internet applications if your VPN disconnects. PrivadoVPN also unblocks social channels and torrents. It also removes geo-blocking. The optional kill switch feature lets you access sites such as Netflix and other websites that are blocking by regional restrictions. However, keep in mind that Privado VPN may not be compatible with all devices.

Set Up Your VPN in 3 Simple Steps

It’s easy to get the best VPN for Windows to enjoy blazing fast speeds and improved privacy.

  • Sign up for a VPN account from PrivadoVPN.
  • Download and log into our Windows VPN app.
  • Safely connect to our VPN servers and protect your Windows PC.

PrivadoVPN’s kill switch keeps your Internet connection secure by cutting off the connection whenever it drops. This kill switch keeps you anonymous, preventing anyone from catching your IP address. You can enable or disable it according to your preferences. Using a kill switch is an excellent security feature that many users will find helpful. It can also protect your identity and prevent hackers from tracking you. But before deciding which VPN service to use, be sure to check your provider’s policy.


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