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Serum Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer

This is a freeware computer suitable software that is officially developed by Xfer Records. Now you can serum-free download for windows, mac, and android OS free. The serum is a revolutionary plugin in the world of music production. It has gained popularity just after its release due to its user-friendly interface. Xfer Records created this wavetable synthesizer plugin and released it in October 2014. It’s the widely used plugin synthesizer because its artistic and attractive interface is not only visually appealing but it creates fun in your sound composing. The serum is a wavetable synthesizer supported by most of the professionals worldwide. The high-quality wavetable synthesizer proves itself to be your dream synthesizer. Check: YouTube Videos Download.

The free desktop serum has a built-in wavetable editor which lets you create wavetables of your own choice. It evaluates your sound waveforms by adopting various techniques. Firstly, you need to browse or drag the audio file you want to process. You can introduce one waveform of the track or more than once, it’s your choice. Below are enlist multiple techniques that serum use to process your audio.

  • Switching between several wavetables using a crossfading process followed by standard linear interpolation technique.
  • Spectral or harmonic morphing technique.
  • By using grid snapping with other tools, pick the waveform, and apply fast Fourier Transform (FFT/addition) for sound signal creation.
  • Engender sound signals by using formula functions.

The handling menu of the serum vst lets you apply different fading techniques plus you are able to normalize your generated signal and can export as well.

Synthesizers when try to play your audio signal they use the technique of digital resampling to process the multiple frequencies. The oscillators when performing their duty they unknowingly mix the original signal with the noise signal or any other anonymous signal. As a result, an unwanted sound is heard in your final signal. These annoying frequencies cannot be eliminated by high-quality synthesizers and the process of dampening had to be adopted for the cancellation of these tones.

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Features of Serum Software

There are several features of serum that make it user-friendly and most advanced amongst all other software of that type.

  • Wave Machine;

You can easily create a custom design for your sound with real-time wavetable simulations.

  • Sampler;

This feature helps you in creating new and exclusive soundtracks.

  • Presets;

Not creating your own sound design, 450 presets are stocked in Serum to help you with quick visual structures.

  • Effects;

Reverb, Distortion, Delay, EQ, Flanger, Compressor, Filter, Hyper/Dimension, Phaser, and Chorus are 10 built-in patches.

  • Modular Modulation;

The use of modulation modules brings color, shift, and evolvement to your soundtrack animation.

  • Audio Quality;

Super-fast predictable alias technology helps in creating high-quality soundtracks.

Serum Vs Plasma

Serum gave you the opportunity to browse and process track or sound of your own choice whereas plasma allows you to process the sound by choosing the audible tracks from the plasma built-in library. Plasma gives you very quick recording and processing advantages where serum allows you to process the sound as quickly as possible along with diverse features and effects.

The serum has an efficient system to raise the signal to noise ratio to get the noise-free sound while the plasma doesn’t have that intelligent system to cope with the unwanted signal. The process of dampening has to be done to eliminate the noisy signal.

Serum VST

Serum plugin is a wavetable software synthesizer. The wavetable synthesis process is used to create the sound. It has many tools but the tool which makes it remarkably different and famous is the well-designed LFO-Tool. Serum VST crack is compatible with both Windows and mackintosh. Its features allow professionals and artists to take advantage of its amazing effects to create awesome soundtracks as a result. Serum-free has an eye-catching interface with easy handling, high-quality sound-making, and attractive visual display set its bars high in the market. It has the coolest system which creates a noise-free output signal. So, Serum VST free download right now.

Serum Download Free for Windows

Serum-free download: The serum offers free and paid versions depends upon you which version you want to download. If you want to free download its freemium version then click on the free version. If you want to use premium then you need to buy it first. It costs you 189 dollars if you are downloading it from the official website of Xfer records. But there are several other websites you can access to download it for completely free. A serum starter pack is also available for free. So, you can get a serum offline installer for windows operating systems free now. You just need to take care of system requirement that is;

  • For Windows – Operating system Windows 7 Service pack 1 or above
  • For MAC – Operating system MAC X Mountain lion/MAC X 10.8 or above
  • Host Software – 64 bit and compatible with VST, AU or AAX

How to Update Serum?

The serum has been updated several times since its release. There are several new features, advancements, and skin animations that are being updated with every new version. It is quite simple to update your Serum software and get the latest version. If you have the paid software then you can get the latest version in three simple steps

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the available downloads tab
  3. Download the update if you found any

If you are using the crack version of Serum then you need to find the crack of the latest version. Uninstall the running version first and then Serum-free download and install the updated version.

The serum for pc is a very intelligent wavetable synthesizer with advanced oscillators. These oscillators perform very effective resampling by keeping the SNR ratio high thus producing the required audible waveform. Serum includes the diverse types of filters and can be found on the LFO Tool. The most recent filter types are also available. It includes dual filters which can handle the two filters at a time in order to process the morphing.

The serum wavetable synthesizer is equipped with a built-in effects library. This library lets you choose to advance and amazing effects for your audio waveform for better creation of the required sound signal. It has a 10 effects module.

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