Ultraviewer Software Free Download

Ultraviewer Software Free Download

Updated: May 25, 2021

Ultraviewer Software Free Download: Meet this popular managing tool Ultraviewer software offline installer free download for Windows PC. Ultraviewer is an amazing software that allows you to access multiple computers at once. So, you can get the direct download link for Windows 32/64 bit OS from this page. Feel free to install the software on your computer, it’s totally safe from viruses.

Ultraviewer Software Review

What to do if your friend needs your help to repair or install software? What if you have to teach your colleagues how to run the software and what if you have to access your home desktop? It is really difficult if you have to travel miles to do all the above stuff. But there are many software available that can help you in such situations. All this software can access your partner’s laptop or desktop from your PC and can manage things like your partner’s laptop is in front of you. This remote access is internet-based, no matter how far you are from your partner. This access saves money and time for both parent and client users.

Benefits of Ultraviewer

There are several other benefits of using such kind of software, such as;

  • Time-Saving
  • Less Effort
  • Zero Traveling
  • Decreases Employee Cost
  • No Geographic Limits
  • Professional Support

UltraViewer is one such software with which you can easily access your partner’s desktop while sitting miles away from him. It is free software, easily available on the UltraViewer website. It is easy-to-use software with more than 10 million downloads. The main feature of this software is multiple computers can be accessed at the same time. The screen share option is also available for multiple computers while all users are connected via UltraViewer at the same time. There is a chat window available for users to interact with each other while they are connected through UltraViewer.

Users can share and receive files from each other through the chat window. To ensure the safety feature while sharing files, confirmation from both ends; Parent User and Partner User is required. When the parent user has got access to the partner’s desktop, the Partner can see all the activity on his desktop screen. The mouse cursor can be controlled from both ends; Parent User and Partner User. This means that whenever a partner sees some ambiguous activity by the Parent user on his laptop, he can take control of the cursor to avoid that ambiguous activity.

Reasons to Choose Ultraviewer Tool

There are several other reasons to choose UltraViewer software.

  • Behind the Firewall – Control of Firewall over incoming access request.
  • Freeware / Free Updates – Current and new versions are free for both individuals and businesses.
  • Easy Install, Easy Use – Software is easy to install and operate.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – Free support for all users with no time restrictions.
  • Multiple Languages – Software is available in multiple languages.
  • Complete Guide – Tutorial and essential documents are available.

UltraViewer Professional Review

Users are trusting the quality and praising the features of UltraViewer. This is the reason that UltraViewer has more than 10 million downloads over a period of 5 years. Some of the reviews are posted on the official website of UltraViewer. One of those is, as it is, pasted below;

Peter – Freelance IT supporter says;

UltraViewer helps me to remotely support my customer from anywhere in the world. This is a big time saving and greatly increases my sales.

The best thing if the UltraViewer team finds any negative review on any other web page, they try to resolve the matter in reply to that review to ensure the satisfaction of the user.

UltraViewer Vs TeamViewer

TeamViewer is the most popular software for accessing a partner’s PC remotely. The company claims that more than 400K people download TeamViewer every day. Here, the point to be noted is UltraViewer has almost every feature like TeamViewer. The main reason behind the popularity of TeamViewer is, the company has a history of more than 15 years and UltraViewer is only 5 years old. Here, the question arises that if UltraViewer has the same function as TeamViewer than why should people choose new software? The answer is UltraViewer gives you the same functions as TeamViewer with zero cost.

Although TeamViewer is free to download, you will get a commercial use announcement or suspected account detection after some days of installation. For further working via TeamViewer, you have to buy the license of TeamViewer which is quite expensive. Business license which is cheapest among all costs you 749 US dollars. You can use this license to run TeamViewer in only one device. That means you have to buy a new license every time you want to use it on another PC. TeamViewer will also make you pay for every upgrade. In addition to this there are several other hidden charges. This makes UltraViewer the best alternate of TeamViewer.

UltraViewer file transfer

File transfer is quite simple in UltraViewer. Before transferring the file, both parent and partner users are connected to each other using UltraViewer. The sender press the F1 hotkey to open the chatbox. Ensure that sender has turned on the conversation. Just drag and drop the file which needed to be sent. Press the send key to send the file. The file will be sent to the receiver. The receiver has to save the file first to open the received file.

Multiple files and folders cannot be sent directly. To send multiple files and folders, the sender has to compress the file by using rar/zip software. The company is working on making it easier for users to copy and paste to send the file.

UltraViewer Download

UltraViewer is easy to download. The current version of the software and all updates are available free of cost. Just open your web browser and go to UltraViewer official website. Click the download button on the top menu bar. Two types of download versions will appear.

  1. Install (EXE) Version;

If you select this version. It has to be installed after the download. All features are included in it like multi-language. It supports all Windows versions from Windows XP to Windows 10. Download Ultraviewer on any desktop Windows.

  1. Portable (ZIP) / Unsupported Version;

You can run the software without installing it on your PC. This comes with fewer features. It is of the same size and same window support like Install (EXE) version.

UltraViewer for Windows and Mac OS

The current versions of UltraViewer are only supporting Windows operating system. The company announced to release the UltraViewer version that will support the MAC operating system too but currently, this is in the developing phase. UltraViewer supports major Windows versions like it can be run on every Windows version from Windows XP to Windows 10.

If you want to use the UltraViewer on Mac OS, you have to install the Portable (ZIP) – Unsupported Version. Although you don’t have to install the software, this version comes with fewer features than the regular Install (EXE) Version.

How to install UltraViewer Software on Computer?

The installation of this brilliant software is very easy and simple. Follow the below steps one by one to successfully installed Ultraviewer on your desktop.

  1. First download Ultraviewer from here.
  2. Go to your download folder and run the setup file.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions.
  4. Click on the install button to start installation the same as other software installed.

How to Uninstall Ultraviewer Software from Computer?

When you do not satisfied with the services of this Ultraviewer software and you want to uninstall this from your PC. Follow the below steps.

  1. Click on the of your computer screen “start button”.
  2. Go to the Control panel.
  3. And click on Programs & Features.
  4. Select Ultraviewer software and click on uninstall from the top.
  5. Or right-click on that software to uninstall Ultraviewer directly.

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Is UltraViewer Safe?

UltraViewer is safe to use as it works behind the firewall. It means the firewall is inspecting all incoming and outgoing traffic and it also has the authority to allow or deny the incoming access request. If a user wants to access your PC, UltraViewer required to be run on your PC too. Parent User must have credentials of your UltraViewer software to send access requests. A pop-up window will appear that ask you to allow or deny the access request.

UltraViewer also ensures safety while parent and partner users are connected. You will see all the activities of the parent user on your PC screen. If you see an ambiguous activity of the parent user, you can also take control of the mouse and keyboard. In severe scenario, just close the UltraViewer. The parent User will lose access to your PC.

All these safety features of UltraViewer make it safe to use.

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