Download Whoer VPN offline installer for free which is the best free anonymous VPN client in English for all platforms. The best free anonymous proxy software for Windows computers. Whoer VPN proxy allows you to get easy access to your favorite sites and applications without traffic limitations. The Whoer VPN app does not keep logs, does not track user data about used applications and visited sites. You can get this popular VPN software for your desired Windows OS by clicking the above download button.

What is Whoer VPN?

Whoer VPN is also known as WAP VPN, which stands for Wireless Access Providers’ Privacy Network. Using a VPN server, you hide your IP address from your internet service provider and instead receive a stable and anonymous connection from your device regardless of internet connection type. Additionally, using just one account of Whoer VPN enables you to surf the net anonymously in all your preferred web browsers, without any restrictions.

To avail of the Whoer VPN, simply log in to the website through your laptop or desktop and follow the simple step-by-step instructions provided. Within a few minutes, you will receive your username and password and you are ready to make your purchase. The installation process is quite easy; you will just need to follow few prompts, after which you will be able to download VPN server and configure it with your domain name, email, and port numbers. Moreover, if you are still confused over anything, customer support will be there to help you out.

How does Whoer VPN work?

Your main goal in using Whoer VPN is to bypass all limitations that might prevent you to connect to the internet. Usually, even when you have unlimited bandwidth and a cheap internet connection, you might encounter a lot of problems such as connection drop, unexpected shutdown, browser hijacking, adware, and other security-related issues. When this happens, you might not be able to access the net, which would surely affect you in different ways. Therefore, the Whoer VPN offers a lot of advantages that will help you experience a peaceful surfing environment regardless of the type of connection that you are using.

The VPN technology works on different approaches such as tunneling, IP filtering, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, and IP Redirect. The tunneling method uses the TCP/IP protocol to transfer the data packets between the source and destination. This will ensure that your information goes through a secure channel and will make sure that no unauthorized third parties will be able to access your personal data. This is one of the reasons why Whoer VPN can be considered as an excellent means of providing you anonymous browsing experience.

Next, we will talk about the two main techniques used by Whoer VPN to bypass all types of restrictions such as filtering, latency, and geographical location. Through the Whoer VPN, you are provided with complete protection and security, and hence you can visit the sites that you want without worrying about your privacy and security. For instance, if you are going to use the public WAN connection to connect to the net and access some file-sharing sites, your identity will definitely be traced. If you use the private network then nobody will know who you are and nobody will be able to access your files.

Download Whoer VPN for Windows

VPN for Windows is one of the best ways to hide your IP. Whoer VPN is easy to use and is specially designed for Windows OS users. It allows bypassing blocking by country or IP address, guaranteeing security and privacy. Downloading VPN for Windows is free, but if you are interested in connecting to servers around the world with no speed limits, we recommend using a premium account. An easy process to download Whoer VPN for Windows without logs to hide IP and access sites securely. You just need to follow three steps to run this fantastic VPN on Windows.

  1. Registration
  2. Download
  3. Connect

Features and Highlights

  • Free internet access.
  • Security in public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Change IP and DNS.
  • Own DNS Servers.
  • Free of cost.
  • One account for 5 devices.
  • No ads.
  • Simple UI.
  • Wi-Fi Encryption.
  • Money-back Guarantee.
  • Unlimited traffic.
  • All platforms, all devices, any browser.
  • No logs.
  • More.

Apart from that, another reason why Whoer VPN is so preferred is that it helps in reducing the cost of managing your internet connection. Since the Whoer database contains all the information about every internet user. Whoer can serve as a beneficial database that holds all the records about every IP address and this is what makes VPN so popular. With the database, you do not have to pay money just to buy the information about your friend and family. You can use this by logging into your Whoer account anytime and checking the details about an IP address and hence you will know exactly what is keeping your friend awake at night. Therefore, get connecting to your favorite websites like e-mail, news, social networking platforms, forums, and many more are made easy when you use the service of Whoer VPN.


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