Download X mouse button control latest offline installer for windows OS. It lets all windows users easily change the functions of mouse buttons for many apps. So, get the direct download link x mouse button for windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

X-Mouse Button Control Overview

X Mouse Button Control (X MSG) is software for free for Windows operating systems. It enables Windows users to easily change the functionality of the mouse buttons for different programs. With this software, you are able to easily change your mouse button behaviors for different programs. The Mouse button Control download installs the x mouse button control driver. A variety of other software components are required by the various mouse devices. This kind of mouse button control download has various advantages like

  • Easy installation
  • Support for different kinds of mice
  • And many more.

However, there is one downside and that is limited functionality when the x mouse button control download is trying to execute some kind of program or task. Here are some tips in fixing a mouse button control download-related problems and issues.

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Many new products or software applications are designed by using generic software that lacks specific functions. When a generic software program is trying to execute a certain task or application. It could not find a compatible device for executing the task or application. If this happens repeatedly, the software would require you to reboot the computer in order for the generic software program to successfully execute commands. The x mouse button control download could also result in this problem if it is unable to locate the corresponding device driver for your computer system. You need to re-install the mouse drivers for your computer if it fails to detect the appropriate device drivers.

X mouse control download error messages could be generated due to several reasons. Sometimes the control is not properly installed. It could either be that the software is wrongly installed, the control software is corrupted or it could be due to hardware problems. In such cases, the mouse should be re-installed and the hardware should be fixed first before attempting a complete mouse control re-configure.

Many software programs that provide mouse control rely on the X-shape function. This function allows the user to rotate the X-axis of the mouse. If the X-shape function is not properly implemented, it might result in the inability to move the mouse from its normal position to a coordinate that is relative to the x-axis. There are times when the buttons are also located in the wrong directions. To correct this problem, the re-configure button must be pressed so that the buttons can be pushed in the desired directions.

Another reason why the x-mouse button won’t respond is due to the wrong type of mouse control application. For example, if the pointer is detected in the middle of the screen, it would be impossible to move the mouse in any of the directions. In this case, the user should uninstall the unwanted application in order for the mouse to work properly. The x-mouse button will still not function unless it is properly detected in the x-shape.

The third reason why a mouse won’t respond is due to a broken device driver. Sometimes, there will be no connection between the mouse and computer, or the mouse itself will be damaged. To fix this problem, follow the instructions in the device manager to uninstall and reinstall the device. If the problem is caused by the missing or corrupted device driver, then you need to repair the drivers through the Windows Update and install the ones from the manufacturer.

The fourth reason why the x mouse button won’t respond is that it is stuck in an inactive state. Some mice have a feature called “gesture control”. This feature enables you to use the mouse with your finger in order to scroll up and down the page. Unfortunately, this feature will not work if the mouse is in an inactive state. Click the mouse to bring up the menu, and then press the button on the bottom left corner of your mouse. This will send the mouse into motion but pressing the button again will cause it to stop.

The fifth and final reason why your x-shape will not respond is that it is already dead. You can test this by plugging in and testing several mice at once and see which one reacts the fastest. Pressing the x-shape button should make it move to one of the four sides of your I-shape display. Once you have verified that your mouse is dead, then you can go ahead and remove it.

Features of X-Mouse Button Control

  • Free computer program.
  • Easy Clipboard control.
  • Cut, copy, and paste feature.
  • To control media play, pause, stop volume, mute, etc.
  • Forward any keys using the simulated keystrokes editor.
  • Run any Windows programs.
  • Easy and simple user-friendly interface.
  • Capture screen.
  • Click to drag feature.
  • Supports Windows OS.
  • Much more.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo or higher processor needed.
  • RAM: A minimum of 512 MB of RAM is required higher for better performance.
  • Hard Disk: Free space required in hard disk drive to download and install the software.
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