Zapya v2.7.0.6 Download For PC Windows, Mac & Android [2021] - Download Zapya v2.8.0.0 Offline Installer

Zapya Software Details:

  • Software:                       Zapya File Transfer
  • Version:                         v2.8.0.0
  • License:                         Freeware
  • Category:                      File Sharing
  • Developer:                    Dew Mobile Inc
  • Platform:                       Windows, Mac & Android
  • Languages:                    Multiple Languages Supports
Zapya Download link for Windows, Mac & Android:

You can direct download Zapya file transfer software from the links below. Get your system installer file by clicking the download icon. The download link is fully safe and secure from viruses, & malware. Download and install Zapya free and enjoy fast file sharing on every device. Make your experience better by doing a fast file transferring job.

Download Zapya for MAC PC

Download Zapya for Android devices

Other Versions